RSO: A humbling review from Lynda-Rae

 Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil

Rick Simpson Oil is a full-spectrum and extremely potent extract that comes activated and ready to use. Named after the self-medicating cannabis pioneer, Rick Simpson, who combatted basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer, by topically treated himself with this oil.  The cancerous growths disappeared within days. Even though physicians denied the oil as a true treatment, Simpson remained steadfast and certain that the cannabis oil was the effective agent. He went on to make believers out of countless others.

Today, RSO is most commonly taken orally. It has most or all of the 8 major cannabinoids, activating a wide range of our human endocannabinoid receptor system. While the oil can be dabbed and vaporized, it’s not recommended. Different from other forms of concentrates, it is odorless and able to be infused in many foods. Find RSO packaged in applicators for precision dosing.

We must note that there have been no scientific studies on the treatment or proven effectiveness of this oil. That said, there have been many cases of anecdotal evidence of RSO treating differant forms of cancer and illnesses like epilepsy.

We were reminded of how special the hard work and dedication to our cannabis and its concentrates is to some affected by these medical conditions with the following review from an Arizona patient, Lynda Rae Sanchez.

Lynda-Rae’s Unexpected and Humbling Review

“High Grade has been my go-to medicinal brand since I can remember. I have had my medical marijuana card since I was 19 and I am going to be 27 this year in November.  I needed my card then and still do now for severe medical issues mentally and physically.  I know I can 100% depend on High Grade’s products. 

This last year has brought another reason why I need my card and why marijuana should be legal in ALL STATES. I started to have stress-induced/nocturnal seizures. I cannot explain how it feels to be living a normal life one day and then it all drastically just POOF, changes. 

I was in the ICU/Hospital for a week when I experienced my first and second seizure, I was intubated and knocked out for 4 whole days while the doctors debated over what could have been the cause. We ultimately have no idea why I am still getting them to this day.. 

1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy in their lifetime and it is crucial that marijuana is researched further into. Since I have been using High Grade’s RSO I have not even felt an aura of a seizure coming on when I am awake. 

Auras are sensations or feelings you experience before a seizure might happen. They include Deja Vu, lightheadedness, nauseating headaches, and a burning smell, similar to when someone is blow-drying their hair. My doctor described it as “all the electricity going off in your brain all at once”.

 This RSO has impacted my life in such a positive way because it gave me that huge stepping ladder to get back where I need to be in life. I want as many people as possible who suffer from epilepsy or any type of neurological disorder to use this RSO. 

If you have not looked into medicinal marijuana, YOU REALLY NEED TO, because I strongly believe this would help you as much as it helped me. It saved me more or less because it has been such a nightmare. It was such a blessing, the best way I can describe it is like an angel found me in the darkness and is guiding me back to the life I need to be living. I was terrified to simply go to bed, something everyone loves, right? I did not. I could not. it was impossible, so I would only “nap”.

My insomnia was at the worst it has been, even when I was taking Keppra (anti-seizure meds). But now, not so much or at all.  I am ready for bed by taking 1ml to 2ml right before. After just a couple of weeks, I am now so confident I will not have a seizure in my sleep as long as I have my RSO medicine. This went from not being able to “sleep” till 6am to in bed by 11. The very first night I took my first dosage I woke up the next day like a new person. I actually felt ok in my head, which is hard to explain may sound and may sound odd to some but those with similar struggles will know. 

It was kind of like getting used to walking around in clutter, like a hoarder’s house. Then all of a sudden waking up to a clean house, like someone just came in overnight and cleaned it all. The house smells good, you can move around easier, you just feel good and happy for some reason…it’s just bliss. 

I cannot express my gratitude enough. THANK YOU, HIGH GRADE TEAM I LOVE YOU and all the hard work you all put in night and day for all us patients! You brought peace back into my world. All should be able to have access to such a wonderful thing like RSO, it can save so many with just starting with one dosage.”

A Recommended Regiment to Start

Beginning a regimen needs to be done carefully and with an end dosage goal in mind. At High Grade, we are cultivating the highest potency flower possible, which is then used for all of our extractions, including RSO. This Soil-to-Oil process allows us to produce extremely potent oil. It is recommended you start with very small doses.

First 7 Days: Administer half a grain of rice sized glob of oil orally 1-3 times daily. These doses are ideally taken 4 hours apart. Tip* apply sublingually (under the tongue) for faster effects.

Day 8-14: Bump up your dose to a full grain of rice sized increments. Still space these out 4 hours or more, paying close attention to the tolerance that is being built.

Day  15+: Move your dose up in accordance with the tolerance and effects felt. A goal for aggressive treatment is a full gram consumed daily by a 12 week period. The full gram will still be broken into 2-3 doses within an 8 hour period. Each dose will be nearly 10 times the size of the originally half-grain-sized stater glob.

This slow approach will help overcome adverse psychoactive reactions to this very potent oil.  The other negative side effect for some will be tasted. This can be balanced out by infusing the doses in foods.