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Gourmet Edibles

With Ediquette, Soil to Oil brings only the Finest Strains Cultivated, Extracted, and Infused into our Gourmet Recipes made by hand for you to Enjoy!

For bulk inquires, please email:

Handmade Truffles

S’mores, Carmel (GF), Hazelnut (GF), & Espresso (GF),

Handmade Chocolate Bars

Premium Milk Chocolate, Premium Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate Cookies & Cream, Milk Chocolate Peanut Buddha Cup, Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bar, & Milk Chocolate Salted Pretzel Toffee

Handmade Taffy

Lime, Pineapple, Strawberry, Blueberry, &Prickly Pear

Handmade Pâte de Fruit

Guava Fresca, Sparkling Pear, Sweet Chili Pineapple, Blackberry Lime, & Strawberry Blood Orange

Handmade 3D Lollipops

 Blackberry, Strawnana, Grape, Melon, & Lemonade

Handmade Hard Candies

Watermelon, Cherry, Green Apple, Blood Orange, & Blueberry


Infused with premium indoor, environmentally controlled marijuana


Premium flavor profiling with top of the line ingredients.


3rd party, laboratory tested for quality and consistency.


Locally cultivated marijuana free of harmful pesticides herbicides and fungicides.

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